Creative Community

Welcome. Creation and consolidation happening! In progress....

One imagines that an inspired thought, that creates a good vibration, spreads....

A creative community inspires, accepts, nurtures and acknowledges its participants.


The members of a creative community innovate, collaborate, cooperate, communicate, initiate and...create.


From young to old, celebrating diversity, and recognizing a variety of creative expressions, a creative community provides excitement, motivation, and support.


A creative community is:

  • curious 
  • collaborative
  • committed
  • resilient
  • courageous 
  • productive

We live in a creative community...


The Present, a positive direction...

Support from our creative community is ready for authentic change in positive directions!


A reminder of the past, with new news...

Look, it's Bev Veale, cutting the ribbon for the new Art Gallery in its Courthouse home on Nicola. Lots of hard work. There's Andrea Rogers! And David Laird. Where's Kim LeClair?

Thanks, Chris and Don McLeod, for your efforts in the Merritt art scene over the years!

Now welcome to the new Courthouse owners, Beulah Hill Holdings. Lots of work being done!