Loose Association of Women and Other Life Forms

Welcome to lawolf!

...a Loose Association of Women and Other Life Forms...

lawolf is about 

planned, or random, meaningful connections for a purpose.

...for as simple a purpose as enjoyment, or as essential purpose as life itself.

The connection one feels leads to a desire to include the people, creatures, or circumstances in one's experience forever, or for a time....

At least in one's mind or memory.

Connection to another is felt in the present moment. To get the most out of our experiences we need to be there, to be aware, to be in the present as the observer.

Then we will notice the moments of acknowledgement and gratitude we feel

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Loose Association of Women and Other Life Forms 

 Notice when you have an quick intake of breath, or when you spontaneously share a breath, when a feeling of fondness comes upon you, or you experience the feeling of a bond so strong it feels like a heartache, or when you feel a pang at the thought this experience may never happen again, or when you feel joy, or when tears come to your eyes after a moment of joy with another.

 Notice when you have a feeling of satisfaction while working with someone, or something.

Notice the feeling of exhilaration you feel when a purpose is fulfilled, an end accomplished.

·         Who is there?

·         Where are you?

·         What purpose are you serving?

·         What passion are you satisfying?

Notice when you laugh, and where you cry.  Chuck P. (Criteria for a good story and this lawolf association…

Several years ago I was invited to form a group to study the brain and neurology, and I found myself, once again, sitting with some amazing women for a purpose that served all of us. An inclusive and supportive purpose.  And inclusive and supportive of forms, the earth that is our home, the spirit that gives us life.

 The thought “a loose association of women” occurred to me as I sat with this group of friends and dedicated professionals. I laughed to myself at the double-meaning of the thought. I felt very connected to these women, engaged at their joyful best.

And how natural it is for women to gather and share their life experiences, feelings, knowledge, intentions, and aspirations.

 Later, I thought of times when I have gathered with other girls and women, and I remembered all we have accomplished- from just fun and good company, to organizing teen-town dances, collaborating for school success and beginning small businesses, traveling, starting playgroups together, teaming up to provide resources for life’s journeys, gathering for the quiet of meditation together, and visualizing for common, focused purposes.

 I thought of my mother, my grandmothers, my daughters...

 And then my thoughts turned to the men in my life, supportive players- my son, my partner, his sons, useful colleagues…and then to all children, bless their hearts, and other creatures, and life itself...

 I found that this “association” occurred to me when I was touched by an individual or a group that expresses a loving intention, a kindness, sense of fun, a purpose, a hurt, passion, or meaningful ideas...

I wanted to hand out cards to people as it occurred to me, to group us.

I formed the group in my mind and called it...

“A Loose Association of Women, in a Loose Association with Men, and Children of course, and Other Creatures and all Life Forms.”

For brevity or usefulness- my LAW, or lawolf.

As I know it…A voluntary association is a group of individuals who voluntarily enter into an agreement to accomplish a purpose. lawolf is only voluntary in a way- as one is a part of the association when one elicits a feeling and a thought of inclusion. I know it’s an inner decision of mine. I am associated in the moment.

So, over the years I have noted, in the moment, or in periods of reflection, connections with certain women, men, children, animals, plants, stones, and things-vibrations around me. I have lists….

 Besides a long list of beloved, loving, interesting, enduring (or  passing through) "members", I regularly connect to new favorites.

Members of lawolf...

The wolf…I grew up in an environment close to its natural habitat, and I know some of what the wolf represents in the cultures it is a part of.  I like some of the qualities of the wolf, while aware of qualities in them I wouldn’t choose. As with all the elements of this association, in the wolf there is a balance of positives and negatives- no matter how connected we feel. So, the wolf, as a symbol, is as good as any other.

Following is a  quote I found from Margaret Atwood, who has been a part of my lawolf for a long time, without knowing it of course:

 “All stories are about wolves. All worth repeating, that is. Anything else is sentimental drivel.

All of them?
Sure, he says. Think about it. There's escaping from the wolves, fighting the wolves, capturing the wolves, taming the wolves. Being thrown to the wolves, or throwing others to the wolves so the wolves will eat them instead of you. Running with the wolf pack. Turning into a wolf. Best of all, turning into the head wolf. No other decent stories exist.”

Thanks, Margaret Atwood!

(Margaret Atwood has a lot of fans.  I am one of them, since Surfacing.)

Wolf stories, not always positive. However...
... there is another side to the wolf. These intelligent, highly social animals, with their hierarchies and loyalty to the pack, also invoke strong feelings of sympathy in many humans. Pushed to the very edges of the human world, they represent a wildness that we seldom meet or experience for ourselves, but in which there is something appealing as well as dangerous.
Emma Barnes has written a book called Wolfe, and has compiled a list of books with wolves....


 I choose to acknowledge the loving and intelligent women who play a part in my life, the men who respect and support the inclusiveness natural to women, our beloved children, and all living creatures.

 As we stand on the stones of Earth, drink the water, breathe the air, eat the luscious food, and look to the Universe we are a part of,

I reach out to share the joy I feel, from time to time.

Thank you.  


“People are wonderful. Each one has a story, each something to give, each knows something interesting, something that can make your life richer.” 
Marjorie Pay Hinckley