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Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.

Ken Robinson

I have an idea for a park installation....

Well, it's not my idea but it's one I'd like to bring to fruition. 

We are starting to talk about it...suggestions from Will, Pius, my friends and family.

I am thinking of who I might collaborate with.

Creative ideas, to manifest, often need a team...

5 Steps of Creative Process

Looking for a creative solution?


While we fill our pages here with good ideas, accomplished and in the imagination stage, here's the basic creative process.

We have heard it in many forms for our whole adult lives. But in case you aren't aware of all the steps, seeing them laid out can help you figure out where you might be. In your creative process.


From Creativity Expert James Taylor:

Creativity does not just happen. It is a cognitive process that produces new ideas or transforms old ideas into updated concepts, according to Brussels Free University psychology professor Liane Gabora. Scientists such as Jacques Hadamard and Henri Poincaré studied the creative process and contributed to the Creative Process Model, which explains how an individual can form seemingly random thoughts into an ideal combination or solution, according to the website The Information Philosopher.


During the preparation step of the creative process model, an individual becomes curious after encountering a problem. Examples of problems can include an artistic challenge or an assignment to write a paper. During this stage, she may perform research, creates goals, organize thoughts and brainstorm as different ideas formulate. For example, a marketing professional may prepare for a marketing campaign by conducting market research and formulating different advertisement ideas.


While the individual begins to process her ideas, she begins to synthesize them using her imagination and begins to construct a creation. Gabora states that during this step, the individual does not actively try a find a solution, but continues to mull over the idea in the back of her head.


As ideas begin to mature, the individual has an epiphany regarding how to piece her thoughts together in a manner that makes sense. The moment of illumination can happen unexpectedly. For example, an individual with the task of putting together an office party may have an idea for a theme while driving home from work.


After a solution reveals itself in an epiphany, the individual then evaluates whether the insight is worth the pursuit. He may make changes to his solution so it is clearer. He may consult with peers or supervisors regarding his insights during this step before pursuing it further. If he works with clients, he may seek a client’s input and approval before moving on to the next step.


The implementation of an idea or solution in the creative process model is when an individual begins the process of transforming her thoughts into a final product. For example, during this step, a painter may begin outlining shapes on a canvas with charcoal before applying oil paints to the medium. According to Gabora, an individual may begin this step more than once in order to reach the desired outcome. For example, a graphic designer may open a new digital canvas if he did not have the scale calculated correctly on a previous work, and he will continue to implement his ideas and make adjustments until he reaches a pleasing final product.


So, where are you at?
Are you in the incubation stage, and thought you had given up? 
Have you had a Eureka moment and are not sure how to move forward?
These steps help you understand what is the next phase of your creative process. 
We are excited to know! Contact us and tell us your creative solution. Often there are people in a community who can help get us to the next step...



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