Created... Already

Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.

Ken Robinson

Have you already accomplished the completion of a Creative Process? You've had your Eureka moment and was able to follow it through to the end?


Eureka moment story from Scientific American:

... the local tyrant contracts the ancient Greek polymath Archimedes to detect fraud in the manufacture of a golden crown. Said tyrant, name of Hiero, suspects his goldsmith of leaving out some measure of gold and replacing it with silver in a wreath dedicated to the gods.

Archimedes accepts the challenge and, during a subsequent trip to the public baths, realizes that the more his body sinks into the water, the more water is displaced--making the displaced water an exact measure of his volume.

Because gold weighs more than silver, he reasons that a crown mixed with silver would have to be bulkier to reach the same weight as one composed only of gold; therefore it would displace more water than its pure gold counterpart.

Realizing he has hit upon a solution, the young Greek math whiz leaps out of the bath and rushes home naked crying "Eureka! Eureka!" Or, translated: "I've found it! I've found it!"


My cook has been through many creative processes with his perfecting of pizza pie.

I always enjoy the Eureka!'s and implementation stages! 

Update, January 2020

My beloved Gord is off to heaven.

Or so I like to imagine.

At the least his cellular energy is dispersed, but never lost.

Gord's Merritt Morning Mirror

Memories of Mirror Guy


Libby Dybikowski describes her creative process, when she paints.

But we also benefited from her other creative creative processes at the Reception we had for her art show at the Courthouse Gallery!