About myself, about my world, about my meme dreams...

Welcome To My Meme Dreams


One imagines that an original thought that creates a good vibration, spreads...


I am the one! And you are, in your own lives. We are connected. All of us. All the humans and other animals, the plants, stones, oceans, atmosphere, stars and black holes.


The possibilities for sharing, and sharing on purpose are mind boggling!


Especially at this point in history when all knowledge we have so far is available to each of us-potentially.

And the future-omg!


So what vision can we have for our lives?


What can we create-from practical reality to big dreams?


From how we make our living, how we can enjoy our friends and family, how we enliven our health and well-being, how we love ourselves, to how we can make a difference to the world around us, the planet we live on….


Our ability to find great ideas, and share them with the people around us has always been there. And now we have the ability to connect on as big a scale as we can dream up, through social media and the web….


We can share the best ideas, the most useful, the funniest, the most impactful- and spread them on purpose to create the lives that we want to live!


In the end, the biggest impact that we can have is the difference that is made to our own lives. Each of us.


So, let’s get to it.


 Contact me!

Good ideas worth sharing.

I welcome your stories.

And meme dreams.

Sharing is good for you...

healthy, cathartic.

I will promise confidentiality...

if you want it. 

Each of us has the door to possibilities...